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Bat Shit Crazy. - To be fairly mental, generally used with a bit of confusion.
"Tom Cruise was acting BSC on Oprah."


"What's her problem she just went BSC!"
by tripod2000 April 08, 2007
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Borgo Santa Caterina: District of Bergamo (Italy) full of crowd who party noisily in the streets.

If you walk on BSC, plan to buy a cheap-strong-drink everywhere you go. Places requires it, no exceptions and usually ends up with getting piss drunk. Bergamo typical Pre-Game place frorm 11pm to 2am, it's not unusual to find yourself semi-conscious at a corner bar while gradually remembering that you have forgotten to go to the club.
1) We'll meet you at the club in a half hour, I'm at BSC right now, we're pre-gaming first.

2) I don't think I'll meet you guys at BSC tonight, I've got to work early and don't want to get too drunk tonight. No wait wait a fucking sec, fuck the early job tomorrow! Meet you there at 11 and let's party all night long exactly like yesterday.

3)A: How the fuck did I spend 60euro last night if a strong VRB was only 5euro?
B: WTF are you saying? Don't you remember you was BSC-KING last night?
A: Fuck you're right dude! I'm getting to old for this contest.
B: Sunday bullshit, call Gabriella instead and try to have one free BJ this evening.
A: Bro, you're a fucking genius! That's will save my weekend budget!

4) A: Thank guys, was really good tonight at BSC but now I need some rest, I go home.
B: Ok, but please do not take the elevator.
C: Yeah Stairs!
by Henzy April 15, 2014
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Back, sack, and crack.

A type of beauty treatment for men which involves having hair waxed from the aforementioned three areas. Usually employed by gay men, though not exclusively.
One: I got my BSC yesterday.
Two: A Bachelor of Science? Cool! What grade did you get?
One: No, doofus. I got waxed. I'm hairless. Wanna see?
Two: Wow! That's so smooth!
by Flakey August 24, 2009
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Type of university degree award. Acronym for "Bachelor of Sciences". Applied to science, engineering, and some management type degrees.
"Hey, I just graduated!"
"Wicked, what was your degree?"
"BSc Physics"
"Well done"
by Deluded_or_summat March 21, 2007
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A little slice of perfection surrounded by a big iron and brick fence. The student body's motto is "work hard all week, and play hard all weekend."
The Ivy Leauge school of the southeast.

BSC: Birmingham-Southern College is a 4-year, private liberal arts college in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. Founded in 1856.Birmingham-Southern is in the top tier of National Liberal Arts Colleges in U.S. News & World Report America's Best Colleges 2005, the highest tier a liberal arts college can attain in the annual rankings, and is the highest ranked liberal arts college in Alabama.

Guy 1: I hate that smart, rich, arrogant and preppy pre-med loser that goes to BSC.

Guy 2: What do you do?

Guy 1: I am a cattle neutering major at Auburn.
by Wellington Tufts October 25, 2007
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