Vodka Red Bull
any other energy drink is named Red Bull when mixed with vodka!
can be declined: double VRB, triple VRB, etc.
wow! VRBs are only $2 here! let's get wasted!
by jonahlomu May 11, 2008
A "very reasonable boner".

i.e. the opposite of a NRB
While filming a shaving gel commercial I got a huge VRB cause this babe was rubbing my face.
by Biff Tannen May 20, 2006
To spend winter months in the warm with the company of Mary Jane (aka Da Herb, Cronik or Smelly Green Shit)
As hibernate (the habits of large bears, hedgehogs etc) but with the company of an intoxicant to while away those dark and chilly days!
For those of a summer disposition!
Friend 1 to Friend 2 “What are you up to this weekend?”

Friend 2 to Friend 1 “Think I’ll stay in and Herbinate”
by *Linds-a-Roonie* November 23, 2004
Pronounced 'Dee-verb', stands for 'Double Vodka and Red Bull' which is a popular drink in UK. Used by university students who are too lazy to say the whole thing
I'll have two D-Vrbs please sweety
by eM-Lo March 3, 2007