The best thing that you can ever ask for!! They are shy at first but then the y are outgoing weird friends
That you know you can count on

Any time you are in need......... EVERYONE DESERVES A GABRIELLA! <3
by Danny sool May 5, 2018
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Usually goes by gabby

She is very funny and a woman of god, she can be very insecure at times and sometimes she admires her beauty, she will literally take everything to the heart if you made it dumb joke, Gabriella is a smart loving female that doesn’t take shit from anyone, Gabriella is beautiful and has an amazing smile and she will always speak the truth, if you are able to have a Gabriella keep her because there’s is no one like her, She is a romantic event type of person and doesn’t n take no for an answer, she never likes to lose and she is a woman’s of god.
Guy 1; “Gabriella is the best”
Guy 2; “yes she is!”
by Andivjjcidjneiejcn June 5, 2019
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Gabriella long for Gabby or Gabi
Gabriella's are usually quiet and shy but when you get to know them they are really fun, hyper, trust worthy, and a very good friend. Gabriella's tend to be very pretty and lots of guys like her. But she would never cheat. They tend to have brown or redish brown hair and brown or green eyes. They like animals and kids. Gabriella's don't like drama or like to talk about people behind peoples back. If you need a good friend go find a Gabriella they are amazing friends. I would know i have to friends named Gabriella and they are both like this.
Person 1: Have you meet the new girl Gabriella
Person 2: Yeah she is so nice
by its my world my life May 18, 2014
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Gabriellas are rare, they posses strong attractive personalities. They are strong, smart, loyal, beautiful, caring, sensitive, honest, funny and passionate. It's her pure heart that is her most beautiful attribute. Shes selfless, and loves kids and animals. When she loves she gives it all or nothing. She can be a bit shy at times but once you get to know her shes amazing. Whenever they Express themselves emotionally or spiritually you will know, they are clear minded consider and logical. Dont lose a gabriella you'll end up regretting it.
Gabriella is si caring.
by Roxanna213 April 30, 2019
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A beautiful girl who's has amazing boob and a kickin personality. She is very weird but super hilarious! Once you get to know her you begin to feel very comfortable and accepted. she loves to play hard to get, and if you get are one lucky man.
*person 1*-"hey, Gabriella is so awesome and funny and smoken hot!"

*person 2*-"I know right!"
by SkylarXoXo March 29, 2015
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She’s the sweetest most beautiful person in the world. She’s the most wonderful friend anyone could ask for and everyone wants to be her.
I want Gabriella to be my bestfriend
by kale.stew January 29, 2019
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She will go by Gabi, or Elle, or Ella. She is very nice and compassionate. Also she likes to play sports but also does video games. However if you meet one luck is upon you. You will never forget her.
Gabriella is a very kind person.
by Your family Tree LGBT April 26, 2018
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