a bullshit rule,

a rule we took on not through rational choice but through imitation, conditioning and many other different ways, a pattern we're all operating in. Brules are like university education is absolutely necessary to have a decent career, every woman needs a man, 9-to-5 is how work should be, religion is needed for salvation, the pursuit of money is inherently bad, we have different roles and functions in society based on whether we're male or female, aging is a natural part of life, success equals hard work, love is painful, be realistic in your goals and so on. For almost every brule there's research, there're studies, there're new thinkers who are showing that these social rules are no longer true.
- To be successful in life you need to have a degree or higher education...
- That's a brule!
by Lunacita October 19, 2016
the feeling in your gut after a heavy night of drinking; a brule diarrhea feeling
A: Man, I was so wasted at that space disco party. It wasn't good for my health.

B: Shit yeah. You kissed a lot of dudes.

A: Crap. On top of that I've got a brule going this morning. Fuck it, I'm gonna watch 'Day of the Dead' and sleep for like twelve hours.
by Jason_C. April 28, 2008
Used interchangibly with rule.
Person 1: I just got a new car!
Person 2: Dude that brules!

Person 1: You seen that movie yet?
Person 2: Yeah, it bruled.
by Bruler May 4, 2004
brule means if someone is unattractive
e.g= butters
= minger
oh my god look at the girl
yeh she is so brule
can she get any uglier?
by ash February 23, 2005
To give someone completely obvious and needless advice/criticism.
If you're raking the leaves and it gets all over your driveway, just hose it off, dummy! I just totally Brule's ruled you!
by silentsid October 9, 2009
In reference to jizzing on your partners face then quickly and unexpectedly putting your ass in front of their nose and igniting a fart
I told him to shoot his load all over my face but before I could open my eyes the bastard did an about face then ripped & lite one and started chanting "Creme Brulee"
by Vulgarvernacular January 21, 2017
1. Tasty dessert
2. French's most remarkable example regarding the parthenogenesis phenomenon of accents in common words.
Creme brulee situation.
Guy#1 (American) - do you guys write "créme brulée" or "creme brulée"?
Guy#2 (French) - crème brûlée.
Guy#1 - Holy crap they're multiplying.
by Neila July 12, 2007