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1. in a badass way;

1. to exhibit awesomeness like that of a great martial arts master

1. to focus one's energies on mastery

2. to perform numerous exceptional feats

3. to strive for self knowledge

4. to pursue excellence beyond limits
Mothafucka be acting all brucely up in here. Respect.
by FocusedX July 01, 2012
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The act of excessively loud kissing by an obnoxiously lame couple or the act of being generally obsessive with your significant other. Commonly referred to as being gay.
The wicked gay couple was making out in front of the local pizza shop on Main street while holding each other in an affectionate, but also very flamboyant manner. It was the most disgusting display of brucely to happen yet.
by Kristina January 25, 2005
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