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One of many often used online chat mispellings of regular words, such as teh, or pwn.
Cool htat.
by Jay C September 10, 2003
Sony's attempt at the handheld market, previously dominated by Nintendo's many different cloned variations of the Gameboy and its new gimicky gameboy with a touchscreen known as the Nintendo DS.

There is a fanboyism surrounding Nintendo's effect on the handheld market that has many people discriminating against the PSP. To be frank, the DS and the PSP CAN co-exist in peace as long as the masses understand this:
DS Users are like Pimps.
PSP Users are like badasses.

Where the DS is a handheld being held down by it's predominantly childish manufacturers, the PSP is a handheld for adult gamers. We're growing up, and unless Mario starts hitting stuff with a blunt object, we're moving on.
The PSP is better than it looks.
by Jay C March 25, 2005
A DC comics superhero with the amazing ability to breath underwater and talk...to...fish...
Aquaman:I'm sorry wonderwoman, my ability to talk to fish is of no use to us now.
Wonderwoman:No shit, fish-boy!
by Jay C October 5, 2003
A person who finds stuffed/fluffy/cuddly toys sexuality attractive.
"That cuddly pikachu is turning me on baby, I think I'm a plushophile!"
by Jay C January 23, 2004
Nintendo's latest handheld, released in too-soon-after-the-last-one tradition, a practice that Nintendo has become quite fond of. Shortly following the release of the Gameboy Advance SP, which was released just long enough after its original to double Nintendo's profits as gamers try and get the new one of what they already have, it seems as if Nintendo has no patience anymore and is releasing new handhelds like crazy, giving consumers just enough time to buy one console, then coming out with a new, slightly better version every few months.

The DS features two screens, one being a touch screen. This feature seems gimicky at first, but is quite interesting. Nintendo also brags that there is a place for the stylus, however as long as there have been devices with styluses, there have been places for the stylus. Even a spiral notepad has a place for the pen.
The DS is a Gamer's palm pilot, which brings up the fact that yet another version of the console is coming out with Palm software. Whoever is seen with a DS is immediately a pimp and may attract women. However, the fact remains that Nintendo is primarily child oriented in its games, and more grown up gamers may want to move on to the PSP, which, though lacking the sex appeal and touch screen pimpness of the DS, has much better graphics and can play movies. Though Nintendo is trying like hell to create some kind of compressed file format to sneak movies into it, the PSP hit the ground running.
The Nintendo DS is cooler than I thought it would be.
by Jay C March 25, 2005
An object, word, or image on the internet that can be clicked on to achieve some sort of effect, such as linking you to a new site. You can often tell if something is clickable by hovering the cursor over it; if the cursor becomes a pointing hand, it is clickable.
Computer Illiterate: Why wont it click this picture?
Common Sense: Its not clickable, duh.
by Jay C October 9, 2003