8 definitions by The king of the Doritos

The same as m8 or m9, but better.
Swag person 1: sup m8.
Swag person 2: oh hello m8 today I rekt ur sister.
Swag person 1: M8 WTF M7+1 U WOT M9?!
Swag person 2: Exactly m7 lmao yeah xDD
Swag person 1: K, m8 who cares. Let's eat some Doritos m7
Swag person 2: k
by The king of the Doritos September 12, 2019
a Nigga whom'st is white.
White niggas usually can't say the word Nigga
White nigga: nigga
Nigga nigga: wtf m8 u can't say that.
by The king of the Doritos September 17, 2019
The greatest and most complex variation of whomst'd've
Enlightened person 1: May I ask Whomst'd've'ly'yaint'nt'ed'ies'y'yes't're'ing'able'tic'ive'al'ne'ml'l'ble'al'ny'less'wk'k'py'nd'idy'ety'st'ged'ful'ish'ng'mt'ous'mc'fackle'b'burg'ler'sh is that human being?

Enlightened person 2: Non’t’ve’ent
by The king of the Doritos July 5, 2020
Guy 1: What is this?
Guy 2: A triangle.
*Plays the triangle*
Triangle: Ting Ling ting ling ting ling ting ling...
Guy 1: Ayy Lmao idk why is this rythm funny?
Guy 2: It's because we are retarded.
Guy 1: xDDDDD
by The king of the Doritos April 22, 2019
Guy: Hey I defeated Browser in (insert random Mario game)
Other guy: Are you dumb? It's Bowser, not browser.
by The king of the Doritos June 22, 2020