A great show starring Andy Samberg and Terry Crews. You can watch this for days and not get bored. They also have great jokes.
Jerry: Hey Carl, Imma watch Brooklyn 99.
Carl: Dam Jerry dat show gud.
by Phantom1457 August 28, 2019
Brooklyn 99 is a tv show you can find on Netflix but was created by abc it is a cop show.
Hey Jake are you watching brooklyn 99 yes I am.
by Dandanielveldono September 5, 2020
Brooklyn 99 is a tv show that u can find on Netflix it's about cops (New.York.Police.Department)
Dad:what are u watching

Me:Brooklyn 99
Me: you haven't even seen it -shows it to him -

Dad-addicted after 5 line-up
by ๐ŸŒŽ๐ŸŒŽ๐ŸŒŽ August 16, 2021
A Brooklyn 99 (pronounced Ninety-Nine) is the practice of inserting a Cadburyโ€™s flake chocolate bar into your japs eye and then eating it whilst itโ€™s still in embedded in your penis.
โ€œI heard Graeme put his back out when he tried a Brooklyn 99.โ€
by Darth Insidious July 11, 2021
Brooklyn 99 depression is a complete sadness you feel when you have just finished Brooklyn 99. This type of sadness lingers for a few months and you never truly get over it. Brooklyn 99 depression (aka b9d) is very common in watchers of the series and once you have it - there is no going back. You will cry in your room for hours and nothing will ever make you happy again.
super fan:

i am so depressed, nothing is making me happy ever since i finished brooklyn 99

another person who has finished brooklyn 99:
Oh man! you definitely have brooklyn 99 depression
by Brooklyn 99 no.1 fan September 5, 2019
Brooklyn 99 is a great show that can change the way you listen to "I want it that way" forever.
It's a cop show, and a comedy. It's very funny, you can watch basically any episode and find yourself laughing your butt off ( other than season 8 which I personally don't like ). I would recommend trying this show, you can watch it on netflix. There is swearing and some inappropriate comments (also some violence/talk of violence), but I would say its overall pretty innocent.
Person 1: Hey, what are you doing???
Person 2: watching Brooklyn 99, wbu?
Person 1: SERIOUSLY?!? You've rewatched that 50 times!
Person 2: LOL, I just can't get sick of it
Person 1: I don't blame you, its really good
by Soshnazzyqueenslay April 21, 2022