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Some one who is exactly that a super fan. Mostly a fan of sports teams but any person who is willing to dress not normaly (for sports commonly face painting and body painting) for the sake of the team, book, or movie would be a super fan.
Allie and I always sit in the super fan area with our school colors on and our faces painted.

Let's not sit by the super fans they are so loud during the football game and we can't talk.
by Liesy November 23, 2005
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A group of overweight,dedicated Chicago Sports team fans. Devoted to da Bears and da Bulls. They were once honored by the presence of Michael Jordan, with whom they hula danced.
Superfans Brain Teasers:

Superfan #1: Who would win in a fight, between Ditka, and God?

Superfan #2: That's a trick question there Bob. Ditka IS God.

Superfan #1: Who would win if the Bears' team bus was in the Indianappolis 500?

Superfan #2: Who's driving the bus?

Superfan #1: Ditka's driving the bus.

Superfan #2: Da Bears would win.
by P-faff August 12, 2006
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someone who is dedicated to something even much more so than a hardcore fan If it is a musician that is a different gender than the fan, they will open the window whenever the musician/band's music plays because they think the musician/band member is hot. If it's an actor or actress, then they will own every movie or television show the actor/actress stars in and watch every episode or movie the day it comes out. If it's an athlete, then the definitions that have defined superfan will apply. If it's a politician or radio personality, then they will listen to said politician/radio personality's shows every day.
Brad: "I don't understand why Karen opens the window whenever Nickelback's songs come on the radio. They're not as great as she says they are. She does it in the middle of winter, and I had to tell her to close it because I was cold".

Jason: "Karen's a superfan, Brad. She thinks Chad Kroeger, the singer, is hot, although I've heard nothing but negativity about him".

Brad: "She's not a teenybopper, is she?"

Jason: "No, she likes their music, too".
by chad'srockergrrrll December 19, 2012
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A hardcore fan, seen at sporting events, most often football games.

You will know a superfan by the their clothes, which are:
-Running shoes or small skate shoes such as vans
-Long socks (often striped or brightly colored)
-Short shorts or booty shorts in the team colors

-A fanny pack, in which to carry their wallet and cell phone
-Tanktop or even shirtless
-Plastic beads in their teams color
-Eye black
-Raybands sunglasses
-Vuvuzelas, fox 40/rape whistles, airhorns, and thundersticks
-Possibly covered head to toe in body paint, with their favorite players/friends number painted all over them

Superfans are extreamly annoying to sit next to, unless your a superfan yourself. They will not shit down or shut up at any point in the game, even if their team is loosing, they are recognized as the best fan a team can have.
Taylor: "Geez! Danny and Nathan wont stop blowing their vuvuzelas and stomping around the bleachers yelling!"

Sarah: "Oh, theres nothing we can do about that, they're 'superfans.' They wont be totally quite until a few hours after the game is over."
by EmmureIsTheBestBandEver November 26, 2010
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A mere acquaintance who treats you as if you are their best friend every chance they get. A superfan is the person you hate running into in public, because it is usually accompanied by an overly enthusiastic greeting and plenty of forced banter.
1.) I ran into my superfan, Phillip, at the movies last night. I was hoping he wouldn't see me, but he spotted me in the middle of the movie and started shouting my name across the theater.

2.) Colton superfanned me while I was at dinner yesterday. He sat himself down without an invitation and spent 20 minutes monopolizing the table's conversation to reminisce about a class we had together 3 years ago.
by Whomper107 April 11, 2010
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"Superfan" was coined by the L.A. press during the Michael Jackson funeral to describe some of his followers. A Superfan is someone who is so consumed by the celebrity, they’ve gone to the point of changing his or her life to accommodate his or her devotion to said Superstar. (Example moving to the same city, impersonating and/or spending excessive time in person and/or on line following the targeted entertainer.)
Christopher Cheatham is such a Michael Jackson Superfan that he used his rent money to buy a plane ticket to Los Angeles and didn't even have a ticket to the Staples Center!
by Bex Nicole July 16, 2009
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The guy with the giant red afro, cape, sunglasses, facepaint, and an "F" painted on his chest who attends all Fordham University athletic events. He is the most hardcore college sports fan on the face of the earth, and is a true "Superfan."
The Superfan's heckles at last night's softball game were absolutely hilarious!
by Roger213 May 06, 2007
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