Lil Kurt's dad used one....and he regrets it every day!
by Shawn B. April 17, 2003
Directed towards an infant its meaning is "an accident, unplanned or unwanted baby"
Father to crying baby : Shut the hell up you fucking broken condom!!
Baby: Daddy...?
by ari April 6, 2003
It means you're useless.
Clive acts like he's the goddamn juggernaut but the piece of shit broken condom always came in two seconds and couldn't finish the job.
by Technically a student August 6, 2006
A woman may not know she has an STD from prior sexual desires with men and she may infect her current partner with a broken condom.
by Leah September 3, 2003
An annoying little shit that won't stop screaming and fussing in a public area
"I hope Karen doesn't bring her broken condoms again."
by Hamborgar November 22, 2021