Inspired by the 2005 film "Brokeback Mountain." Brokebacking refers to two cowboys who dawn cowboy hats (and/or other cowboy getup) and gay it up.
Josh and Jim are brokebacking it again. Get them cowboy hats, there's gonna be some brokeback action tonight.
by Cowboy Bob December 28, 2005
A condition of emotional paralysis experienced in the days following one's viewing of "Brokeback Mountain."
Biff: "Ever since Jim saw 'Brokeback Mountain', he's been crying in his room and hanging his ex-boyfriend's shirt behind his closet door."

Doyle: "He must be suffering from brokebackitis."
by B January 14, 2006
(adj.) Used to describe anything of questionable masculinity.

Believed to have originated from the 2005 motion picture Brokeback Mountain.
"It's NOT a purse, it's a man-bag! It's very manly!"
"I don't know man, it looks kinda brokeback to me." -Boondocks
by BR-&-D January 22, 2006
A term used after one said something that sounded very gay.
Person: "Son, i could fit like five of these golf balls in my mouth...No Brokeback"
by kidgenius January 21, 2006
What are you going to tell our friends?"

"The truth."

"Well, you don't have to. I know a little cabin up in the woods, we could go there. Say we're going fishing or something."

“We could do that... but that's a little Brokeback."
by Bacon Jesus October 3, 2010
Term used to describe two men who are gay together or in a relationship.
"Did you see those brokebacks holding hands??"
by Anonymiss March 17, 2006
v. - past tense of brokeback - meaning to get screwed from behind
"Wow, the Panthers got brokebacked by the Seahawks last weekend"
by MadHaze January 24, 2006