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Inspired by the 2005 film "Brokeback Mountain." Brokebacking refers to two cowboys who dawn cowboy hats (and/or other cowboy getup) and gay it up.
Josh and Jim are brokebacking it again. Get them cowboy hats, there's gonna be some brokeback action tonight.
by Cowboy Bob December 28, 2005
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Taking part in secret homosexual behavior as in reference to Brokeback Mountain.
Jamie: Hey Steve, you wanna go brokebacking this weekend?
Steve: Hellll ya! I've been waiting four years for this!

Sandy and Melissa go brokebacking every weekend, but their husbands haven't found out yet...
by liz, sarah, aly, emily January 21, 2006
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When two guys go into the mountains, bringing a horse and a tent. The two guys fuck each other than the horse.
Josh: You wanna go Broke Backing Tim?
Tim: Fuck yeah! I got the horse!
by Nickfister October 16, 2011
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