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The act of doing bro like activities while important tasks or jobs await.
Today I was supposed to write a paper, but instead I spent the whole day brocrastinating by going to the gym, wearing a sleeveless shirt, joining a frat, and flexing my muscles numerous times.
by Tpep13 February 04, 2010
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Putting off important responsibilities to party, work out, or bang hot chicks.
Dudebro, I have a 20 page paper I didn't start because i was brocrastinating yesterday when I got drunk and then went to the gym.
by Dr. Brosshart May 31, 2011
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When you procrastinate on getting ready to go hang out with your friends, so you end up arriving late to every single meet up.
Friend 1: Bro why are you always late?
Friend 2: Sorry man, I was brocrastinating on you by watching some YouTube videos.
by AncapSAS November 22, 2017
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