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A bro (not necessarily male) who procrastinates along with you and empathizes on your ability to finish homework in one night even though you had more than a month to do it
Person 1: Oh my god Katherine I've been watching Netflix for 5 hours instead of doing my 6-page essay that's due tomorrow
Person 1: Damn you're my brocrastinator
by AngelOvvl March 10, 2015
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A brother who is a good student but puts all the work off until the very last minute. If a ten page paper is due at eight in the morning, he will play video games until midnight and then sleep until four in the morning. Then somehow he manages to both get up at four in the morning and get the paper done.
I can't do anything with my brother anymore because he is a brocrastinator.
by randygertie April 27, 2011
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