Chilling with your "bros", listening to Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews, John Mayor, watching family guy, playing came cube, drinking Natty Light, bringing a black dildo to your bros house and loving every second of it.

Going to your bros house to talk about any of the above activities.
Bro 1: Bro, whatchu doin' tonight bro?
Bro 2: Bro, nothing, bro, nothing going on bro.
Bro 1: Bro, you wanna get together and just chill?
Bro 2: Yeah bro, maybe we can just bro out!!
Bro 1: Yeah bro lets go to my room and talk about it. I can't wait to bro out with you, bro!!!
by liz and gabbi March 22, 2007
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A bromantic evening that involves lots of bromosexual activities between bros. It is brotacular and cannot exist if females or very feminine males are present. It is almost as good as sex. What happens between bros during this time, stays with the bros. Lots of alcohol is typically consumed to enhance the broing out, but this is not a requirement. At the end of the day, if the bros need anything but each other then they really aren't bros to begin with.

Those that bro out are among the best men a girl will ever meet. And she does not have to understand it's significance, but she must accept it or be left to weaker boys who don't deserve to be called men.
Bro #1: Bro, you know what time it is?
Bro #2: What time is it?
Bro #1: BRO OUT TIME!!
Bro #2: YES! Let's get these girls outta here
Bro #3: My favorite part of the evening! Man I fuckin' love you guys
by sammyboy56 November 29, 2010
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\bro out\v. bro'in out, bro'd out

1. To spend time with one's friends, or "brothers"; the most important aspect is for the activities and location to be relaxing. This activity is not gender or age specific, but usually cannot be applied to spending time with only a significant other, however pets and inanimate objects are fair game.
2. A period of self reflection; relaxation.
1. "what'd you do last weekend?" "You know, smoked some weed, played some scrabble... just bro'd out."
2. "We should totally bro out with some 40s and listen to the new Peter, Björn and John album tonight"
3. "I was just bro'in out last night with a cup of tea and a good book."
by eric, fatty, jade, langdang February 7, 2007
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when a group of young men gather together on nights with plans of fun, sit around a fire and toke up the reefer
Yo man lets go bro out after school, there are some bitties waiting.
by Negrorapest October 13, 2008
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The white boy version of hanging out with your buddies - bromance.
"Hey, dude. Let's bro out tonight. Grab some beer and play Frisbee".
by Mrknowitall3 April 16, 2017
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verb: An assembling of men for the specific purpose of imbibing fermented or distilled grains, objectifying the opposite sex, and emoting machismo (typically involving sports related activities). (Related Articles: Bachelor Party, Poker Night, Tailgate Party)
With two bottles of whiskey, a deck of porno cards, and three flat screens with all of the games on, there is no question that me and the boys are broing out tonight.
by erikshinn August 6, 2008
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Full of bros; flaunting bro style or decorated in a thoroughly broish manner.
Holy crap, Gay.I. was so broed out tonight it's overbro'wing with bros. I just cruised by and looked over and was suddenly bro'wn away. etc. etc.
by thiudans November 21, 2006
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