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coined by vallejo based rapper E-40
slang for marijuana
i don't need no doctor
idon't need no shrink
all i need is broccoli
and a forty ounce to drink
smoking that broccoli now
by chico May 05, 2003

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I love you

In (Cantonese) Chinese.

Ngo is "I", Oi is "Love", Ney is "You"
Ngo Oi Ney. (I Love You)
by Chico June 24, 2004

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on the internet, it is used mostly for porn
oohhhhhhh i love this porn web site
by CHICO July 30, 2003

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were the mouth looks good enough to fit a nice size dick in it
My girl has a cock mouth
by Chico December 08, 2004

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one who follows rasellick and has been frequently known to accessorize his green and grey hooped top with a giro and bottle of buckfast, you may hear him/her coming by the sound of dragging knuckles
The mhanky mhob were all in a fluster trying to ensure their crisis loans were requested in time to follow their team in their next game
by chico September 29, 2004

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A person that is a thug that doesn't know what is going on around them.
Kristen is an ultimate schamp.
by chico December 10, 2003

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a shitty played out show on MTV
fuck road rules
by CHICO July 30, 2003

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