Usually looks like Matt very much sounds like someone named Matt
by Bri is a lollipop June 23, 2020
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You stupid nonce, you should know what a fucking broccoli is

The green fucking tree that was forced down your throat by your step father
β€œHay Johnny! This bitch doesn’t know what a Fukin’ broccoli is”

Johnny: β€œDo they not? They must be pretty stupid to not know what a broccoli is, must be a nonce”
by Jameedoger May 14, 2020
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Be very cautious around a broccoli.
No not the broccoli you get with your dinner.
I mean a 6ft tall veggie boy.
This broccoli usually takes the form as a Burt.
They are usually harmless but I’m telling you he could be the one to take over the world.
Yo broccoli is such a fun guy!

I’m telling you broccoli will be king one day
via giphy
by MidgetGirl101 October 15, 2020
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that friends mum that always makes us eat broccoli
by amberpoop November 20, 2020
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Kid: Cool! I got a broccoli for my birthday!
Bully: Ha, You got a bad present.
Kid: I mean a 100 dollar note you stupid idiot.
by Chieffirefigher November 29, 2020
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