A brutal game played by British school kids. Usually played on a football pitch by anywhere between 10 and 100 players.

All but one of the players would start at one end of the pitch, the lone "bulldog" would stand in the middle of the pitch (the bulldog either volunteered because he was a nutter or was forced to do it by the rest of the players).

The people at the end of the pitch would then attempt to reach the other end of the pitch. The job of the bulldog was to take as many people down as possible. Unlike other violent games such as rugby there are no rules as to how you can take someone down, tripping people up and flying kicks are both perfectly acceptable.

Anyone the bulldog manages to take down are now bulldogs and stand in the middle for the next round. The game continues in the same fashion until some unfortunate mug is the only one standing at the end of the pitch and has to attempt to run past 100 kids who want to take him down by any means necessary.

The game ends when someone is seriously injured, a fight breaks out or the teachers come out and remind you that this game has been banned for a very long time
some_kid: Lets play British Bulldog
99_other_kids: Yeah!!

20 minutes later an ambulance arrives
by ukdnb August 13, 2006
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tucking the penis & scrotum between the legs and walking toward someone backwards, like a real bulldog.
I showed my new bride the british bulldog on our honeymoon!
by Younger January 06, 2008
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the act of grabbing a girl by the jowels and forcing her to service you.
Sex starved Teeter was forced to british bulldog his date.
by Skitch Hitchcock February 05, 2003
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Wearing no underwear under your pants, shorts, etc.
I didn't do laundry this week so I'll be pulling a British Bulldog until the weekend
by Dsega May 26, 2005
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A man who only goes for furry girls who dress up as bulldogs.
That kid Todd in the corner, he's a total The British Bulldog Banger. I've seen him with 4 furry girls this week!
by Xarcov September 01, 2020
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