Slang term for the act of smoking cannabis, originating in Swinton, Manchester. Believed to be started by Mr. Roberts.
Stu: Hey Max, My watch says its break time.

Max: I think it might be break time too Stuart. How about you Thomas?

Tom: Why's everybody acting like its break. Its not even break.
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n. A time of procrastination beginning often after arriving at work and ending when you go home.
I think it's break time.
by Physix December 02, 2010
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Southern Australian slang for group masturbation. Generally performed by teenage boys between 13-16 years of age, this is a bonding session that helps the boys become more comfortable with their bodies and their sexuality. "Break times" are usually held in one of the boy's bedrooms, unknown to their parents. As the boys get older they grow less dependant on their group masturbation buddies and start experimenting with sex and porn.
"Hey Fabio, want to join us for some break time tonight?"
"I'm only eight!"
"Thats okay, we're experimenting with paedophila today."
"Oh. Neat."
by Harold Hustaffsvenson June 18, 2006
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In time Break wird das leben beider Spieler auf das Maximum von 1240 gesetzt und ab da beginnt dann der time break.
Das leben beider time Break Spieler ist gleich.
by Jdjdjdjsjdng March 18, 2021
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Where one accidentally breaks a clock for a unnecessary reason. It's not sure how they break a clock, but whatever reason, it must be stupid
Because she didn't want that clock anymore, she accidentally Time Break it.
by The Ed Channel November 11, 2019
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