Adjective with shared origins and formal definitions with "bright" but with geographically varied differences in colloquial use:

A. United States: Intelligent, particularly in innovative or unique ways. Often used sarcastically for shining examples of outstanding and innovative stupidity.

B. Britain: Of very high quality in any way, in a manner or circumstance where that quality stands out.

C. Canada, Australia, and New Zealand: Predominantly used in the sarcastic mode of the US sense.
US(direct): The marketing of sage as a recreational drug by calling it 'Sticky Purple Salvia' was brilliant.

US(sarcastic): Rick Santorum is brilliant to answer questions about contraception.

UK: The Doctor frequently says 'You're brilliant!" to people who have no idea why.

Canada: With P.M. Harper's party leading an unstable minority government, his strategy of looking to George Bush as a role model is brilliant.
by grumpybozo March 09, 2012
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When you're super intelligent and refuse to see it in the eyes of others. When you're a genius and don't realize it. When you're a Jackie.
jackie brain brilliant smart intelligent
by Ya Boy, MicSwayney June 11, 2015
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That woman was sexy...Out of your league? Son. Let women figure out why they won't screw you, don't do it for them.-- brilliant advice
"Universe is 14 billion years old. Seems silly to celebrate one year. Be like having a fucking parade every time i take a piss." more brilliant insight
by canttouchthis303 January 06, 2010
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British slang word heard a lot in the Harry Potter series mainly said by Harry Potter himself!
Brilliant, how’d you get it? Harry says.

Nicked it from Filch’s office of course! Fred and George exclaim
by Draco_Malfoys_Wifey_Bae November 10, 2020
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