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When a girl "fucks" a potato. She inserts it into her vagina, and uses her cervix to suck it inside. The lips will slowly wrap around the potato, pulling it farther and farther inside.
John: I hear Melissa gets really lonely at night now that Tim is gone.
Steve: Yeah, I walked in on her giving a spudjob the other day.
by Ya Boy, MicSwayney January 27, 2014

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When you're super intelligent and refuse to see it in the eyes of others. When you're a genius and don't realize it. When you're a Jackie.
by Ya Boy, MicSwayney June 11, 2015

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When you have a mostly female orgy on Christmas.
John: So bro, what'd you do over the break?
Steve: I went to Julie's place and she had a couple more people over and we had a Pink Christmas.
by Ya Boy, MicSwayney November 23, 2013

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