"Dude what's that smell"
"Dammit, he harpered it...now I have to go ask the maids to unclog it..."
by Crackerxjack92 April 20, 2009
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She is the person who always smiles and lights up a room she makes people happy and can be funny she is intelligent and is very smart. You are lucky if you know someone names Harper. She is beautiful and is like a goddess. She will stand up for what's right. She may be offending at first but she comes around.
"Oh there's Harper"!
"I know I am just going to have the best time with her".
by Life is good February 26, 2017
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Harper is a girl that is very kind and when she meets you she will care for you with all of her heart and she will never let you down . She will help you in JUST A LITTLE situation. She will never give up on you !
Harper “l will never give up and l will always be your friend
by Jade howe November 22, 2017
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Harper is the coolest and flyest girl you will meet, she is super funny, and knows how to make you laugh. She is also super cute. Most boys wish they had a Harper.
Wow! Look at her! She's amazing! Her name must be Harper
by Parkerdsh January 09, 2017
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The hottest bitch y'all ever meet. She is so hot that I melt every time I come near her, so then I have to walk away. I may have low standards but harper DAMMMMN I've never met such an amazing, beautiful, GORGEOUS HUMAN in my life. She is the person who always smiles and lights up the room. I know that some people may not agree with me, I've even heard people saying that she is a backstabber, and is so rude (Idk if that is true). I don't mind if I get to see that GORGEOUS face again. I think I am simping for her. I LOVE HARPER TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH.
"DAMN BOI, she is so HOT, she MUST be harper"
by yEEt mE fEEt November 23, 2020
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Harper is a bombass dude that everybody loves. People wish they were bffs with Harper. Harper has a best friend that is a girl. She super great. Periodt sis.
Harper is so crazy but he’s great bro. 🤪
by This boy needs some milk🥛 November 15, 2019
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harperism |ˈhärpərˌizəm|

1. the political philosophy that corruption is the highest good and proper aim of government.

2. the pursuit of power; sensual self-indulgence.

3. relentless political maneuvering. often informal; always slicker than a greased pig.

harp•er•ist | noun & adjective
harp•er•is•tic | adjective
harp•er•is•ti•cal•ly | adverb
harp•er•ian | adjective
"The January 2006 Federal election results in Canada unexpectedly yielded a minority Conservative Government. The 'great moving right show' is having yet another run. In Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Canada now has the most ideologically committed neoliberal in power since Margaret Thatcher. The five priorities Harper has announced - an accountability package; a cut in the GST; a market-based childcare system; a law and order agenda centred on sentencing; and a reduction in healthcare wait times through increased delivery flexibility - all reflect these commitments. These proposals are embedded in the overall strategic priority of aligning Canada even more tightly with the US through increased overseas military commitments and further economic integration. Canada's move into southern Afghanistan and increased troop deployment is already sketching in the new terrain. The major boost military spending, tax cuts and marketized public services proposed in the first Harper Budget on May 2 filled in more details. This constitutes the initial agenda of Harperism. It could hardly be more pressing for the Left to take some stock of what the Harper government is and might become." {Greg Albo, "Figuring Out Harper" (8 May 2006) zcommunications.org}
by tkkn March 16, 2011
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