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abs worked past a six pack. 8 packs have two aditional abdomanal muscles above a 6 pack making you look more ripped then your average 6 packers.
damn that kid's pretty ripped with that 8 pack hes got
by soccer kid james August 25, 2008
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Similar to the normal 6-pack of abs, but referring to women with boobs that are so little they resemble an extra set of abs, thus creating the 8-pack.
Those Olympic gymnasts sure have great 8-packs, I can't tell where there abs end and their boobs begin!
by crazyownage August 17, 2008
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When a guy has 6 pack abs and giant balls to match the abs. So that it looks like there is an extra pack down in the pants region.
tian: your cup is really showing

kenny: im not wearing a cup :D

me: how did you get an 8 pack?

kenny: i fucked a fairy and it granted me a wish
by lolem May 24, 2009
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