A exellent Model Horse Collectables company. Their equine models are of high quality and detail. Breyer company carries 5 diffrent model horse categories, Traditionals, Classicals, Pony Gals, Stablemates and Mini Whinnies.
Though some models can range in price higher than $150.00 smaller models such as the 'stablemates' may cost anywhere from $2.00 to $5.00 per horse or horse set.
I just got the new limited "Silverado" breyer model! It cost me $150.00 plus shipping!!! But it's really beautiful.
by Horsegal... June 21, 2008
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The sweetest, most understanding guy you'll ever meet. He doesn't judge you for what you do, or what you say. He sees you for you and nothing can change what he thinks about you. He's a loyal friend, and boyfriend. He likes to flirt, but he's committed to a relationship. Breyers typically love animals, horses especially. Most have a southern accent and are extremely attractive. They have a great smile and are kind, and loving. Once you get them, don't let them slip away.
Izzy: Karissa, that guy must be a Breyer.
Karissa: Is he sweet.? Kind.? Loving.? Loyal.?
Izzy: All of the above. :)
by Isabella Braadtz July 21, 2011
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Get Caleb in your room by yourself. Start licking his butthole and performing oral sex while he poops on your face.
by Jordan Breyer April 15, 2011
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The act of gently packing a generous amount of Breyer's Waffle Cone ice cream into your girl friends ass crack, then slowly licking and eating it until she reaches an oblivious orgasm.
Man my old lady literally creamed herself when I gave her a "breyer's delight" last night.
by Dunkin Richards April 16, 2011
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The immediate regret one feels when looking at an empty carton from ice cream consumed in fit of binge eating.
Evelyn licked the remaining drops of Rocky Road Ice cream from her spoon when she looked in horror at the empty carton and was filled with Breyers Remorse. The diet begins NOW, she thought.
by IdeamanChicago July 15, 2014
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An annoying spoiled bitch who has very strong views on things that they do not know about
John "i think mike should run for office"
Phil " but mike's on crack"
John " well I think he should okay"
Phil " don't be a baby bitch breyers"
John " I guess "
by Crazyneoga November 11, 2012
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