Eating as much as you can , usually done when one is really depressed and feels empty inside. Binge eating distracts from emotional pain for a short time. This is a real problem and IS NOT occurring just because people have no self control. This is because people are driven to distract themselves from serious emotional stress in their lives. THEY NEED HELP. BE A FRIEND.
After he dumped me, I started binge eating. I ate everything I could find in the cupboard.
by PenguinNoodleSnowCow November 27, 2013
a form of eating disorder that is the opposite of anorexia.
when an individual eats huge quanities of food and calories in a very short time
she really has to stop binge eating if shes ever going to lose weight
by everbeez November 12, 2010
A disorder where an individual eats an excessive amount of food in a short period of time and during these episodes feels as if they have no control. A lot of people describe it as a compulsion, binge eating disorder is an illness which is often overlooked and even ignored. It is a lot like bulimia but the individual doesnt participate in activities to 'rid themselves' of the food. This does not mean they don't feel guilt or regret.
Binge eating disorder is also known as BED
by 4321anon January 24, 2015
Something I have.
No, it's not lack of control.
No, it's not eating as much as you can.
No, it doesn't include guilt or regret (when eating).

People who have this disorder might be:
other important mental health issues
Bored (like me)
or others
My family: *switches off the internet*
Me: I'm bored
Me: *starts binge eating*

Life lesson: don't switch off the internet or binge eating disorder will happen
by nothing_just shut up June 6, 2022