1. To be annoying

2. To be distracting

3. To be a bitch
Man, I was trying to get my girlfriend to have sex with me, but she was being such a waffle cone about it.
by The jelly bean July 29, 2010
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A type of sexual intercourse in which the female (Usually a robust one or one resembling a whale or other large mammal) places a waffle cone filled with ice cream on top of the male's penis. She then eats through the waffle cone and ice cream until she reaches the penis.
Amy is so fat. I heard she gave her boyfriend a Waffle Cone Job the other day.
by Footsteps. August 3, 2010
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Same event as Soggy Waffle only they jerk-off into a waffle cone and the loser has to eat it bottom up enjoying a nice hot load.
Phil just had to eat that whole Soggy Waffle Cone!
by Tyler G. February 21, 2009
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The act of defecating in the shower and smashing the turd into the drain (using feet or hands) until it aquires the grid pattern of the drain. Can be admired and then mashed further until the turd disappears or it can be left behind to be discovered by the next person to use the shower.
Bob got tired of having to use a communal shower so he left a Walla Walla waffle cone behind to convey his displeasure with the situation.
by Grabthars Hammer September 20, 2017
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The act of dumping your hot man load in the rectum of one hot bitch. Once done you lay her down with her legs behind her head and she shits out a wet poop colored cum filled load from her ass into her swollen blue waffle twat making it look like a hot fudge waffle cone
I told that griffin witch not to eat corn. After a dinner she made a hot fudge waffle cone and there was corn everywhere...
by waffle it October 18, 2014
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When the girl sticks a waffle cone up her vagina and the man inserts his penis into the waffle cone. The waffle cone asks as a make-due condom when you fuck in a Dairy Queen.
Man: Lets fuck in this Dairy Queen!
Girl: I can't get preggers again.
Man: We can waffle the cone.
Girl: Kayy!
by Jew-ish132 May 22, 2010
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