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A race in the Elder Scrolls video game series.

Bretons are part-elvish and part-human beings (more human than elvish) that populate the province of High Rock, where the second game of the series, Daggerfall, takes place. They are capable mages with high magicka resistance. Other than that, they have few distinctive features. They are considered an intelligent human race in Tamriel, known for a proficiency in abstract thinking, a possible reason for their adeptness in the magical arts.

The Bretons' origin can be traced to the First Era of Elder Scrolls history, when the Aldmer attacked and destroyed the Nedic holdings in Skyrim. Many of the female Nords captured in the raids were subsequently enslaved as concubines, and gave birth to mixed Aldmer-Nord offspring, termed Manmer by the pure-blooded Nords. While the Aldmer maintained control of Tamriel, the Manmer lived as lower-class citizens, supporting their meric brethren. After the Aldmer lost their foothold, the remaining Manmer interbred with the controlling human races. The Bretons of modern-day Tamriel have a much-diluted meric ancestry, seen in their higher magical affinity.

It is assumed that Bretons are based on the Breton people of France (or Celtic people in general), just as it is assumed that Imperials are based on the Romans.
A Breton is particularly skilled in mysticism and healing and summoning magic, which means they are natural defensive mages.
by Elder Scrolls January 24, 2008
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A Breton is a tiny mischievous creature, like an imp, except with stunning and dashing looks, so it does not appear to be dangerous. Although it can slit your throat with ease and the utmost of celerity.
Johnny- "Hey I think I just heard a Bret"(slits throat.) /dies
Timothy- "Woah that must be a Breton, I'm getting the fuck out of h"(slits throat) /dies
by Brian Ferratto August 18, 2007
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Breton is a wonderful little town full of nice people unless you piss them off, they are pretty much like Warburg but smarter and more secretive with shit. Breton kicks ass and smokes grass
Bill: What’s a better town, Breton or Warburg
Frank: dude, that’s like asking “what’s betters smart tv or a garbage can

Bill: Well which one is the garbage can?
Frank: Are you high? Obviously fuckin Warburg, Breton rules
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