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An island in eastern canada part of nova scotia the best place on earth to live the island is shaped like the number six.
I will always love living in cape breton
by kenneth123 September 19, 2006

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Something that osama didn't do. george bush's excuse for invading iraq to take they're oil. 9/11 was planned out by the united states government, CIA, and the army. And the twin towers were a controlled demolition.

www.seeloosechange.com will explain everything, trust me
9/11 was geroge bush's excuse to make money. billions of dollars in gold was stolen from the basement of the wtc when they were just a pile of rubble.... who did it? terrorists? dont think so!
by kenneth123 December 01, 2007

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3 words....... HollyWood Whore
paris hilton sucks so much!
by kenneth123 January 02, 2007

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Its a monkey....i guess you can use it for webspeak or something
if you still dont get it your a dumbass @(*_*)@
by kenneth123 February 20, 2007

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team jared is a band from sydney,NS.It is 3 totally bitchin guys from sydney that were born to melt faces.
Dan,Den,and Ken a.k.a team jared will be the best band in the world someday.
go team jared go!!!!
by kenneth123 April 10, 2007

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shittiest band ever..... not half as good as metallica
dave mustaine and megadeth can fuck off
by kenneth123 August 05, 2007

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