A tiny village that's in the boondocks. Go South of Edomonton, West of Leduc, West of Calmar, West of Thorsby, and if you hit Breton, you've gone too far. It's inhabited by druggies, posers, and rednecks. If you were born here, there is little chance of ever leaving. It's also known to have great parties.
OMFG! You can see all the way down to the other end of Warburg, by standing on main street!
by fatality; October 15, 2006
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warburg is a small tow just south west of Leduc. its inhabited by druggys, rednecks, hockey players, Hutterites, and a few real farmers and a lot of wanna be farmers. The parties are fucking gay, mostly because if you wanna fuck or make out with someone they are probably your cousin.
by that retarded guy May 26, 2018
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He is a faggot with a small dick that is very salty. He is bad at every single sport. When he drops down his pants the only woman that comes running to him is his mother. His favourite thing to do is play the bag pipes.
That guy is so alone it's probably Alex Warburg.
by Guy with big cock April 10, 2018
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