A girl who is just a hook up buddy

Antonym: wifey
-so are u gonna marry that girl?
-naw, shes just a breezie
by rubin January 16, 2005
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A breezie is an unintelligent female, commonly blonde and caucasian, fond of:
-applying way too much makeup
-sweatpants with adjectives written across the butt
-chewing gum
-ending sentences which are not questions with rising inflections
-volkswagon jettas
-giving oral sex to bros
-cosmopolitans and/or cheap beer
-louis vitton purses

Breezies can be found most frequently at hiphop dance clubs, the mall, Starbucks, and in the backseats of Volkswagon Jettas.
At first, I thought that girl he went out with might actually be pretty cool, but it turned out she was a total breezie.
by Ms. Vaudeville February 3, 2005
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breezie is a slut. a sex buddy. a girl that like more that 1 person during sex. a team player. a hook up. always down for any sex. DTF. known to be a loose girl. a bish gone wild. the kind of girl that will blow you in a bathroom or parking lot. possibly bipolar. the girl your mother warned you about.
breezie couldn't get enough last night. some breezie chick showed up at the bachelor party for the boys. did you see that girl with the monster toys they call breezie? breezie thinks she's high maintenance because she likes pearl necklaces and facials.
by davidcopafeel May 24, 2015
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Beautiful hookup buddy.


Ugly fat hookup buddy

(Depending on how you use it)
Yo i wana talk to tha breezie

Yo i juss wana get sum, so i choose tha breezie
(fat ugly)
by Papi kid September 12, 2006
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an adjective for Fresh and cool.
yooo those shoes you coped are breezie!
by brrr-aymond April 27, 2006
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