v. regarding pooping, a payload so large that a portion of the deposit is protruding from the surface of the toilet water. see also low tide.
bachelor: "man, i just took the biggest dump. it was awesome."
roommate: "cool. did you break water?"
by andylago September 1, 2005
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When your turd lays in the bowl and pokes up through the water line.
You've just dropped a deuce so long it circles the bowl and wraps around and its breaking water.You need to call your buddy and take a picture after such a large snakes exists your ass and state "dude, I just totally broke water".
by Orsange.jellyfish11 October 10, 2010
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A dump which is able to support itself and rise above the typical average water level in a toilet. An outstanding achievement, the performer is encouraged to bring others in to witness. Photographs do not have the same impact.
He was able to break the water line with a single chute of feces. They carried from the field that day.
by Pantaloon January 9, 2008
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A large anus dump in a normal water-filled toilet where the turds stack up high enough so they are actually no longer covered by water...Hence, breaking the water line.
1. Never consume chili, eggs and a protien shake in one day...because the next day you will take a shit so large it will break the water line
by ZpprHead March 30, 2010
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This is something all band kid value very much. This teaches you how important water really is to the human mind an body. Usually this term is used with one more time in the same sentence.
“We are dying and in desperate need of a water break.”
by IdkProbablyJesus December 7, 2018
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This is something that teaches you the real value of water and how important it is to the human body and mind. This term is usually pared with one more time in the same sentence
Let’s run the show one more time and then water break
by IdkProbablyJesus December 7, 2018
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