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A large anus dump in a normal water-filled toilet where the turds stack up high enough so they are actually no longer covered by water...Hence, breaking the water line.
1. Never consume chili, eggs and a protien shake in one day...because the next day you will take a shit so large it will break the water line
by ZpprHead March 30, 2010

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A big hairy pussy. A bulging cameltoe that surpasses a mooseknuckle.
I could tell it was amateur night at the strip club. There was enough fat rabbit dancing around on stage to make a coat, hat and gloves for a pimp.

My girlfriends' fatrabbit doubles as a hand warmer...no, I meant a hands warmer because you can put more than one in that big fatrabbit.
by ZpprHead March 29, 2010

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