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bum-rape - or suprise sex administered up the old harris
abbrivated with hilarious consequences.
i'm gonna brape you, you old slag
by Barry Onions May 04, 2006
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Blackberry Messenger(BBM) Rape, Where someone takes someones Blackberry and changes things in BBM. (Similar to 'Frape') It usually consists of sending a 'Broadcast Message' to all of the persons contacts, or changing their status.

Can also be used as a verb:
Brape, Braped etc.
Got your broadcast, are you going out with Lewis then?
Nah, someone braped me :/
by 7ewis March 17, 2011
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bum rape, the act of raping sumone by sexual penertration of the ass hole. Commonly preformed by gay rapists.
Bob (playing a game): "Dude I just braped you!"
Tom: "Thats not funny man my uncle got braped when he was 17"
Bob: .....oh......sorry
by Dyldo Baggins June 09, 2009
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Simulating homosexual activity between close friends, aggresively groping between to male heterosexual friends, bro rape bromosexual
"My dog, I haven't seen you in forever" (Grabs and dry humps)

"Don't brape me yo, damn!"
by Colorform August 12, 2012
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To beat and rape someone. The ignominious double whammy.
John is a very bad man, he's been convicted of 4 counts of brape.

Dude, how hard would you brape that?
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