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Bro-raped. The horrible act of one dude raping another dude. Happens often in prisons and also a ton in Boston and New Jersey.
1: Dude I heard you got braped this weekend.
2: What? Who told you that?
1: I can't say but alot of people have been talking about it.
2: Dammit I am never going to Boston again the people there are so fucking gay.
1: Yeah that really sucks man.
by D.R.S. May 18, 2008
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To be smacked intensely by someones bag, mostly done on purpose.
Bag + Rape = Braped

*Girl smacks stranger with her bag*
Strangers friend: Dude, she just braped you!
*Girl and friends laugh*
by youjustgotbraped September 21, 2009
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