when 2 bad things happen. usually its something bad, then something worse to make things even more f'd up.
bob -- DUDE I just got fired!! and I think I just got shot in the foot!

tim -- double whammy!
by ttttttttravis February 9, 2007
a two part difficulty, a dual disadvantage
The high cost of health care and his lack of medical insurance was a double whammy.
by Light Joker June 20, 2005
"i wanna double whammy that girl" or "i just double whammied my midterm"
by twowrongsdontmakearight February 19, 2010
When someone tea bags something, then defecates on it.
Alex got so upset, he did a double whammy on Rob's pillow.
by SAJ001 February 16, 2011
hitting someone in the face hard with both nuts, usually causes significant pain to the attacker
My teacher flunked me so I gave her a double whammy. Fuck my balls hurt
by apieceoftoast March 16, 2005
The grabbing of both of a female's breasts or ass cheeks at the same time.
I just gave Lizzy a double whammy!
by Shaggy January 2, 2004
Desperate virgin willing to have sex with girl of dreams while getting anal rammed by girls boyfriend. All Simultaneous. Desperate Virgin enjoys it all.
Warren finally lost his virginity when he did a double whammy with Marianne and Trey.
by The Masked Marauder March 23, 2004