A phrase to describe someone who is cognitively degenerating. Synonym of "going off the deep end". Can have varying degrees of severity.

Reference to the song "Hey You" by Pink Floyd. The line "and the worms ate into his brain" makes no sense in an otherwise linear and literal narration throughout the lyrics.
"My boyfriend has a total case of brain worms. He told me the cat was bugged so the Feds could listen in on us having sex..."


"You totally stumbled over that entire sentence. Can't speak English all of a sudden? What, do you have brain worms?"
by _Jez_ October 4, 2009
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Internet slang for when someone, or something (usually a fictional character), is worming their way into your thoughts constantly.
"I have Emet-Selch brain worms so bad. I just can't stop thinking about him and the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV."
by Firalia December 21, 2021
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A disease suffered by detractors of socialism and neoliberal stewards of American imperialist hegemony. Also it makes you fat and gay.
You know Venezuela right... a majority of their country is currently eating rats
You people have brain worms, I swear
by golden calf August 12, 2021
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this shitty word is still stuck in 11 august 2021 wtf
whoever defined brain worms
go commit lego stepp
by ❀ ʚ edqie ɞ ❀ August 13, 2021
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A theoretical condition where someone acts irrational or delusional in public or on the internet.
Jimmy believes that the birds aren’t real. He suffers from brain worm.
by The wingwang man May 6, 2023
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