The best day ever if your born on this date you get mega pussy and are the sickest bloke around and you have the largest cock out of your friends

Girl: when’s your birthday

Guy: 11 of august

Girl: gets wet
Yea I’m born 11 august
by 11 august July 31, 2021
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Best birthday EVER! You probably are a nice, kind, caring and just an amazing person all together!
Are you born on August 11? Cause you're amazing!
by Ugly Mandarine October 30, 2019
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If you’re born on August 11 then your pretty and like to eat.
Person 1: I’m so hungry
Person 2: Were you born on August 11?
by bigdickenergy000 October 18, 2019
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The people born on this day are kings and queens they are smart loving people
You’re so smart your birthday must be on August 11
by Rani bl mango November 8, 2019
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If you where born on August 11th you are probably nice, kind, and shy but in a good way, and always put your friends and family first. Your probably in middle-high school and love to play sports like volleyball, basketball, track Ect..
Person 1-hey best friend I love your outfits it’s totally your style.

Person 2- thank you, hey best friend where you born on August 11th?( 8th month and 11th day of the year)

Person 1- yes Best friend it’s totally awesome.
by Bekah.-.A November 8, 2019
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