primary dominance, leadership, or influence over others, especially as exercised by one nation.
The military supremacy of the United Nations hegemony can scarcely be challenged.
by Dr. Dave January 8, 2004
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How the gardeners will take over the world
"How did that gardener pay for those guns?"
by Pedant March 28, 2005
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See under 'USA foreign policy'

For proof, pick a country and investigate the USA in relation to this country.
...haven't learn't there are other countries other than the USA? ...try investigating USA hegemony in Nicaragua.

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Corporate influence over the masses. The ultimate goal is to have the masses, or sheeple if you would, completely stripped of critical thinking so that we can be controlled and manipulated like consumer puppets. Have us all addicted to pop culture and media so that we never question what our fearless leaders in Washington and Wall Street are doing to better themselves at our expense.
Here you go Martha and Jed, have another sip of the corporate hegemony Kool-Aid. You wouldn't want to actually get your news from an unreliable source that is not owned by MSM corporate interests would you? Don't go all conspiracy-theory on me now; don't forget we have plenty of TV to watch tonight .... you know how I can't stand where I actually have to think for myself.
by TruthseekingMerican November 18, 2013
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An idea that states that the ruling class creates the values norms and culture of society. It identifies that who-ever or whatever lead your life you will naturally follow and will soak in the culture of it. There are pockets of counter-culture in every single society and the citizen must understand them and accept them.
The complexities of political consciousness are described by the theories of cultural hegemony.
by 911wasahandjob February 10, 2022
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