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An affectionate misspelling of "bunny", often used in reference to the Viera bunny boys of critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV that has a free trial up to level 60 and includes first expansion Heavensward.
by Firalia July 30, 2021
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Internet slang for when someone, or something (usually a fictional character), is worming their way into your thoughts constantly.
"I have Emet-Selch brain worms so bad. I just can't stop thinking about him and the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV."
by Firalia December 21, 2021
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With the advent of Twitter and TikTok, "Common Sense" is no longer common. As such, the new correct term is "Uncommon Sense."
Have you ever seen a Twitter user who possessed uncommon sense? I thought not!
by Firalia February 20, 2023
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