1. An individual (typicaly a male) who aproaches every situaion with careful thought and skill.

2. One who does everything according to the rules.

3. One who is not rebelious or a rule breaker; always on time. Punctual. Polite to a fault.
Your a total boyscout with that first aid kit in your wallet! What else have you got in there, a compass & two-way radio!
by Joseph Furio April 17, 2006
peter: let's smoke a bowl.
fredrick: shit. i forgot my piece.
boris: don't fret! i brought my pipe.
peter: hell yeah. boris is a regular fucking boyscout.
by face off May 27, 2005
The act of consciously doing something to prepare yourself for a night of drinking and partying. Based on the Scout's motto to "Be Prepared".
Robin: "Oh man. I'm afraid im going to get too drunk tonight."
Beth: "Thats why im boyscoutting. I'm eating so many chicken nuggets for dinner so they'll soak up the alcohol."

Danielle: "Aww bummer! They don't sell alcohol inside the stadium."
Anne: "Yeah, I know... that's why I boyscoutted. I have a flask in my purse for later."
Danielle: "Way to be prepared!"
by LeBonk December 3, 2010
One who stays in one spot for a period of time in a multiplayer online shooter. (Usually a first person shooter). They stay in a certain spot and wait for an opponent to walk by unaware of their presence and then they kill the opponent walking by. Then there is a f#@%ing boyscout who after being killed in their spot returns to it to continue to be a boyscout, or staying in their spot and staying scoped in down the sight. These players are called boyscouts because boyscouts camp.
That god damn boyscout camp killed me again. I swear all of my deaths are from that fucking boyscout sitting behind the dumpster/
by I_PWN_BOYSCOUTS July 10, 2010
When a girl puts her clit in a dude's butt.
Briauna: Steve, should we do the normal butt stuff?

Steve: No the back of my throat is still sore. Do you fuck with the boyscoutting?

Briauna: Drop your pants and touch your toes, I'm going to show you where "the man in the boat" goes
by Buttstuff April 10, 2016
when you insert 2 fingers into a womans vagina
by arlie September 5, 2004
A person (mainly a fat boy) who always seeks the approval (and rewards) of his elders and betters by doing good deeds, sometimes to show off to what few friends he has
That Charlie's a right fat boyscout, always offering to trim Mrs Grannysmith's hedge whenever he sees her!
by Doddi September 5, 2007