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to fight with fists or with padded gloves in a boxing ring
I had to give up boxing when my opponents kept getting their gloves caught in my stomach.
by yorrick hunt January 23, 2008
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Boxing is often labeled as old-school in nature. The perseverance and mental fortitude required from a successful fighter is unique from other sports. When a boxer demonstrates courage and tenacity inside the ring, he is often labeled as a "throwback" to the golden days of boxing.
Boxing is an explosive, anaerobic sport. The act of throwing punches, round after round, while contending with an attacking opponent is a daunting task. It is perhaps the most physically demanding sport of all. The sport has been estimated as approximately 70-80% anaerobic and 20-30% aerobic. Anaerobic means to conduct an activity without oxygen. Anaerobic exercise, like boxing, stresses the muscles at a high intensity for short periods of time. As a boxer, one must punch, slip, and block with split second movements and reactions. A boxer must be prepared to fight with intensity, round after round. The body must be conditioned to throw the same explosive punches in the last round that you started with in round one.
by Dancing with Fire January 18, 2011
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Prank usually done by teenagers where you get two big boxes and put holes for eyes in them and ding dong ditch the people's house while inside the box. Then when the victim opens up the door thinking its a package. But then you run in the box back to your getaway car whilst all they see is a persons legs coming out of the bottom of a box. Originally invented in Midland, Michigan.
by Unknow kid September 26, 2009
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The act of two or more women engaging in sexual activity. Also, can be related to scissoring.
Yo dude did you see that porno, those chicks were boxing the shit out of each other.
by MattBrown December 08, 2008
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An extremely physical sport in which two men who weigh nearly the same fight each other in hand to hand combat. Usually little pansies that can't box bash it. There is a chance of developing something called "punch drunk" syndrome where you develop slurred speach, and loss of coordination and motor skills but usually only boxers who get hit alot (pro boxer) develop this. There is also a small chance of death.

Fatality rates per 100,000 participants

Hang gliding.............55
Scuba diving............11
Motorcycle racing......7
College football..........3

Cited in Cantu, Boxing and Medicine, Human Kinetics Illinois, 1995
Mike Tyson has been boxing way too long and has lost more brain cells than he can count.
by Aidyn April 16, 2005
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