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a freaking sweet rock album and the movie was sweet two both of them where from Pink Floyd
the wall kicked all the ass it was a sweet album
by Mr.X March 1, 2005
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Japanese word for the act of commiting suicide. Some people tend to confuse this term with hara-kiri, wich is "belly cutting".
He has commited seppuku by slicing his throat with a knife.
by Mr.X March 2, 2005
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a place where gangs usually hang out.
A block, or corner in a Nighbor hood
by Mr.X March 12, 2005
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Crazy ass mofos who will fuck you up anywhere any time any place
WTF y think u a Navy SEAL or some shit?
by Mr.X December 9, 2002
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some lazy ass cow that only eats grass and does nothing all day.
by Mr.X August 9, 2003
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Someone who has been gay but doesn't want to be.But still masterbates to guys.
Oh Shit that still likes to mog
by Mr.X March 29, 2004
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