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Crazy ass mofos who will fuck you up anywhere any time any place
WTF y think u a Navy SEAL or some shit?
by Mr.X December 09, 2002
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a freaking sweet rock album and the movie was sweet two both of them where from Pink Floyd
the wall kicked all the ass it was a sweet album
by mr.x February 28, 2005
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one of the coolest rock songs ever by black sabbath
dude sabbath bloody sabbath is sweet
by mr.x March 10, 2005
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it means a hitman.
i need to hire a cleaner.
by Mr.X April 19, 2005
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the real deal when it comes to killing
Scarface, GodFather ect...:realest killas/

ja rule and murder inc.: wankstas, and never killed a fly
by Mr.X March 01, 2005
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Underwear for women, kinda like panties but it is cut from the back and you can see some booty
damn look at that ass hanging out, she wearing boy cut briefs.
by Mr.X March 08, 2005
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some lazy ass cow that only eats grass and does nothing all day.
by mr.X August 09, 2003
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