A group of friends and not friends living in laguna. Made up of a bunch of kooks. includes pickles box( the maker of the box names) box, rice box, cookie box, turkey box, chicken box, speed box, grom box. BOX MAFIA
Woah look at those boxes
by gromsmyd September 16, 2009
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Box: A 12 pack of beer, as opposed to the standard calling of 24 beers "A Case".
"Man I'm not lookin' to get to trashed tonight, why don't you just get a box of Bud Light bottles."
by Chaz King March 01, 2008
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similar to being cool in late eighties in various groups(short lived term)
that bitch is box i'm straight onna tag dat ass
by Anonymous August 10, 2003
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Another word for penis. Mostly used as a code word for a joke.
The average box is near 6 1/2 inches long.
I had to move many boxes yesterday. (lol)
by Vyto May 26, 2009
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