An term for an Ecstasy tablet
Id like to buy 2 round ones and a point of gas please
by pingin December 17, 2004
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a phrase that defines the vessel first built and designed to successful use by Sir Thomas Crapper, on Royal warrant to King Edward the incontinent. However, as a fan of royal bowel movements, he devoted too much time to their study and failed to patent said recepticle, and thus lost out on millions in licensing. Usually found in places of civility (IE anywhere but China), and greatly appreciated when life is absent of them. Hard, circular to fit the general size of buttock but not the aim of many sexually incompetant men, who if they cannot find mark in a large round hole, says something about any potential skill with a small one. Usually white to emphasise the colour your bowels can only hope to live up to compared to royalty.
First used on "Fairy Odd Parents" on Nickelodeon, by Jorgon Von Strangle
Person One: That was some awesome curry buffet,..

Person Two: Yeah,.. ohh my guts ,. Hold up,.. I gotta go file a report with the great white round one.
by StevoHK April 15, 2008
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To drop someone with you're first punch. Taken from dungeons and dragons where combat is measured in rounds.
"Damn dude, you just one rounded Tony."
by the bullfrog November 29, 2005
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A boyfriend who can only have sex once and then passes out shortly afterward. It could mean that he is too old, too drunk or he doesn't find you that attractive to have sex with you again.
Girl 1: Aww girl, me and my man did it ALL-NIGHT last night! He wouldn't stop. He went for five rounds!

Girl 2: You are so lucky! My man and I only did it once last night. He is a one round clown.
by cityguychicago February 17, 2010
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