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The absolute antithesis of sincere behaviour in human form. Namely executed in completely nonsensical and ridiculous taskmaking within the workplace, encouraging the widest possible deviation from the direct route of A to B (via Z). Also an adequate description of idiotic juvenile behaviour (the like last seen in the playground) carried out by a grown woman/beast.
"Could you immediately fill out five forms in triplicate for the next toilet paper order?"
"Yes! In the name of insane bovinity, I shall! (Ya fat heifer)."
by David Cowpell Downtrodden March 26, 2004
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In the workplace: excessive micro-managing; extensive list making in order to create the illusion of order/profitability. Just plain foolishness.
"Any instances of Bovinity while I was on lunch?"
"mmm, a few..."
"That Pimplestilskin has GOT TO GO."
by Odhran Kelly March 22, 2004
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