One that was there with you before all the hoes came and not once made you feel they were not to be there. Maybe one red bloody moon not worth her presence. She has put the most cash flow in your pockets wherefore every bitch after is only catching up. Never forgetting her reason to collect that ransom for her pimp cause deep down their is strange love that exist.#inpocket
My bottom bitch has been here from the jump. She want a week vacation she gets a 2 week vacation. Now thats pimpin' pimp
by Auqavelvateam September 05, 2018
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The "Bottom Bitch" is the lead prostitute in a pimps stable. She helps train and keep the other girls in line.
Bob had Jasmine, his bottom bitch, get Tauny and the other girls out working even though it was cold that night.
by Dimentia8 May 07, 2018
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You’re home girl who you’ve been with since the jump. We started from the bottom now we here. You go way back together. Through thick and thin, good and bad. You’re Bottom Bitch
You’re my Bottom Bitch.
by New York Girl 007 May 27, 2018
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