A woman who is down for anything. She is extremely loyal to her mate. She is not scared to defend her man even if it puts her life in danger.

James was caught with 10 bricks and Tasha took the charge. Thats why I love my bottom bitch.
by J.R.2008 October 15, 2008
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The one not matter what will be there. After all the bullshit. They are still there, and still getting used
That a bottom bitxh right there that nigga been with 3 different btiches and she is,still supporting him.... that's a true bottom bitch
by Donn Donn February 28, 2018
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A girl who is always gonna be there when u become desperate and need a gf. ALWAYS NO MATTER WHAT. And you can use her for anything and do anything. Its the bottom of the bitch pyramid for a guy. and your the pimp at the top.
sammi sharpe is my bottom bitch.
by mr.persianprince February 03, 2011
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The person in a homosexual relationship that gets fucked; usually is quite queenish hence the title of "bitch."
Jon, the bottom-bitch in the relationship, bent over to take Sam's penis in his ass and moaned when he felt the sensation of warm ejaculate in his tight hole.
by chpa2003 July 18, 2006
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The bottom bitch is the lowest person on the totem pole in a specific group. Also known as the zeta.
Kari: Hey guys we should go do ______!
Everyone else: Shut the fuck up, bottom bitch.
by thechapmeister November 19, 2016
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