it's a slang for wet wrikly penis
my grandpa has a very big bottem
by February 24, 2021
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Used to discribe
-The hoe closest to her pimp.
-One he has the most feeling for or with.
-Hoe who would do the most for her pimp.

Hey man thats my bottem girl.
by MandyCandy October 20, 2006
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what happens to the left side of my 81'regal when anyone over 200lbs sits in the pasenger seat during a right turn
Zoltan: Dammit jason, my shockes are going shit1
by z man March 10, 2005
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a womens fine ass shapped like an apple.
yo that girl got a phat apple bottem!
by thorobred July 15, 2008
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In a prostitute ring there's the bitches, the bottem bitch, and the leader. When you need to talk to the boss, you first go to the bottem bitch.
Girl: Hey I need to talk to the boss about my route, there's these drunk guys who annoy the fuck out of me.

Other Girl: Hun you know the rules; talk to the bottem bitch.
by There we use I'm a lay stem February 10, 2018
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When a fat person wears a red shirt tucked into black shorts. Also if the person gets a red face that matches his shirt durning physical activities
Yo Pedro why da fuck is u tucking in ur shirt, u look like a rotten bottem cherry.
by Mr. Wipe Me Down October 11, 2007
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Adj. when a biological man is in a heterosexual relationship and is in no way shape or form the masculine partner of the relationship from sexual desires to public displays of affection
Have you seen Gabe’s new girlfriend? It really shows that Gabe is such a bottem
by your favorite author October 3, 2022
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