Going down on a females vagina in a very enthusiastic way
I was tucking in last night on Sara's hairy muff and her clit came loose, I didn't want to say anything so I swallowed it, I still don't think she knows
by mitch00uk April 8, 2015
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A tuck is a Detroit slang for hoes or one of your hoes
Quan: you wanna be one of my tucks/tuck?
Jenny:hell no
by @_.theylovekiana on ig January 16, 2022
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to go to sleep.

to "tuck in" to bed
Well, it's getting late. I think I'm going to tuck in for the night.
by singxmex2xsleep June 11, 2009
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the act of a man taking his penis and hiding it bewteen his thighs in order to create the illusion of female genitals
Oh, shit!I thought you were a chick, but you were just tucking!
by meowza May 2, 2005
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A phrase originating in northern MA which if used literally is to tell someone to tuck their penis into their pants. It is more commonly used to tell someone to cool down or to stop trying to get with a girl who is clearly not interested.
Person One (to a hot girl): "Hey, wanna come over to my place later?"
Person Two: "Yo dude, tuck it in."
by beekthafreek October 11, 2009
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the secure spot you keep your valuables in, the location of which is known only to you
Dino: ay how'd you hide that pound so quick when the cops pulled up?

Jamal: you already know it was in the tuck bro
by the cartographer September 8, 2019
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