When You so an old person going through a mid life crisis and there face has no wrinkles like a cartoon character.
Sara "Man, joan sure is botoxed..."
Kara "i know probably because her daughter is taking all the PapAraazzi"
by MorgManMiz April 05, 2006
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adjective - describes a person whose skin shows obvious overuse of Botox
Wow look at that woman! She thinks her skin looks so young, but it's so obvious she's totally botoxicated!
by nekochan52 August 07, 2008
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Boy tells lame knock-knock joke.
Friend "laughs"
Boy replies: That laugh was so botox. You obviously didn't like my joke.

Dan won first place in the spelling bee.
Georgie came in second and congratulates Dan.
Dan (to other friend): It was so botox how Georgie congratulated me.
by tote'rad'dude November 01, 2009
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"Kiss My Botox" - it really works!

Botox can be very useful in treating back and neck pain, as well as headaches.
Botox decreases muscle tension and pain. It also improves posture and walking and increases range of motion (ROM).
The advantage of Botox over previous therapies is that, by pinpointing exactly where the muscle tension occurs, the source of the pain can be targeted. Doctors use Computed Tomography (CT) to specifically locate the offending muscle(s).
example: After unsuccessful treatments with medications, physical therapy, transcutaneous electric nerve stimulations, physical therapy, traction and surgery... the neurological pain specialist injected Botox into the painful areas of her neck. This was like a miracle after years of chronic pain.
by Theda - Orthopaedic RN September 20, 2006
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A poison used with a needle to reduce wrinkles. Must be done by a cosmetic doctor.
Britney Spears gets botox shots because her smoking makes her pussy look like she had sex 200 times.
by Akit March 01, 2004
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When someone gets sick of seeing their own disgusting, frog like, leather textured face and wants to see Audrey Hepburns instead. So they get loads of needles and stick them in their forehead, cheeks, chin, uppermouth area and other places. However, they did not know what to put in a Botox Syringe so they put cooking oil in it and ended up looking like Pete Burns/The Grinch/Shrek/Wayne Rooney.
Middle-Aged Woman1: Awh, i seriously have no idea what to go as for this Halloween Party.

Middle-Aged Woman2: OMG! You can go as Shrek :)

Middle-Aged Woman1: Oh Yeah! Good idea, Susan!

Middle-Aged Woman2: I'll get the Botox ready :D
by gee;x. June 01, 2011
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BOTOX: a bacteria like that found in birds intestines or even your intestines,which is compounded and lightly chemically synthesisted in a lab for your pleasure..to be then injected into your face,one vial of this for one area can cost 600 dollars and can last from 3 - 6 months..
If you have settled frown and smile lines and cukhold feet,you may need more than one vial for it to crease out the lines,or even a third or fourth,and of course depending on the areas you want to treat.
For example..if you have settled frown and smile lines,even if you are still young enough..you may have to get extra vials to completely crease them out..

You may need up to 1 K for a successful course of botox and it is best to combine it with a mini face lift and a little restylne which is a more natural alternative to botox and it works better with no side effects or burning sensation or too puffed out under the eyes..
by cuckholdcreature October 25, 2010
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