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BOTOX: a bacteria like that found in birds intestines or even your intestines,which is compounded and lightly chemically synthesisted in a lab for your pleasure..to be then injected into your face,one vial of this for one area can cost 600 dollars and can last from 3 - 6 months..
If you have settled frown and smile lines and cukhold feet,you may need more than one vial for it to crease out the lines,or even a third or fourth,and of course depending on the areas you want to treat.
For example..if you have settled frown and smile lines,even if you are still young enough..you may have to get extra vials to completely crease them out..

You may need up to 1 K for a successful course of botox and it is best to combine it with a mini face lift and a little restylne which is a more natural alternative to botox and it works better with no side effects or burning sensation or too puffed out under the eyes..
by cuckholdcreature October 25, 2010

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